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Each 30-minute marketSHARE episode brings together the industry’s most influential thought leaders and visionaries to discuss the ever-changing world of real estate. Each episode follows a hot topic in our industry, as our host quizzes our group of game changers for discussion.

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Episode 6
How To Best Market Your
Property As NYC Gets
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Tune in for the first edition of marketSHARE New York, hosted by our PR partner Marino. NYC has demonstrated incredible resilience and innovation throughout the pandemic, and our guests will share lessons learned and discuss the road to success in all markets.

With cities coming to a standstill over recent months, our panelists⁠—like other real estate pros⁠—are trying to assess what the real estate market, the economy and the city itself will look like months, and even years, from now. As companies welcome their employees back to the office, how has real estate—and in turn its marketing—paved the way for re-entry?

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Forced Innovation

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Silver Linings

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Upwards and Onwards

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The Effects of Big Change on Data-Driven Marketing

Episode 6
How To Best Market Your Property As NYC Gets Back To Work




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